Saturday, February 21, 2009

Superman Returns First Draft

Alrighty guys, as promised here is my first draft for the script of Superman Returns, the radio play. Have a look and let me know what you guys think in the comments section!

Superman Returns

Announcer – Welcome to Sports talk with Steve Lombard!

Lombard – Good morning Metropolis, this is Steve Lombard. You know me as the sports reporter for the Daily Planet but today I wish to talk to you as an ordinary citizen. I want to speak to you today about something that has been missing from our fair city for over a year. I speak, of course of Superman. It has now been over a year since he was spotted anywhere on the Earth. Thanks to the efforts of the science police and several of our cities hero’s the crime rate has not soared as some predicted. However, when the Man of Tomorrow left our shores we lost something much greater than a protector. We lost our hope. I never see children look up to the sky with eyes full of admiration as they used to. It has been so long since I have felt hope swell in me as I saw a blur of red and blue flash by. But truly we did not lose our hope, no, we drove it away. It was our actions against Kryptonians that made Superman leave our planet. Even after he had done so much for us we still acted like ungrateful children. Our Superman had finally found his people whom he thought lost forever. Then after a few killings we drove them away, as if we humans had not done greater evil. Now, our Superman is gone and we don’t know if he will ever return. He has left behind grieving friends and family and we all miss him greatly. I just wanted to come to you, Metropolis, and say that I hope one day to see the Superman once more but if I don’t I want us to remember him. Don’t let his memory die in his absence for when we lose that it is as if we have truly lost him once more. Remember Superman. Also, Superman, if you can hear this wherever you are, come back to us. This, has been Steve Lombard and thank you for listening.

Later that day at a baseball game

Lombard – What a beautiful day at Metropolis Stadium, this is Steve Lombard reporting to you at the Metropolis Meteors against the St. Louis Cardinals game. The score is Meteors 7 Cardinals 6 at the bottom of the 9th inning. The St. Louis Cardinals are up to bat and the Meteors are having a bit of a low energy inning. Bases are loaded and looks as though the batter and pitcher are both ready. Here’s the pitch and it’s a ball! Ok, the Meteors are getting set up again. There’s the wind up, the pitch and… IT’S A HIT!! A HIT!! Its going, going- wait, what’s that? Look up in the sky, something is headed towards the ball! Is it a bird!? Is it a plane!!?? NO!! IT’S SUPERMAN!! AND HE’S CAUGHT THE BALL!! IT’S SUPERMAN!! HE HAS CAUGHT THE BALL!! SUPERMAN HAS RETURNED!!

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